Real Estate

If you need to lease a single location or need help managing a regional portfolio of leased sites for telecom, power, or physical properties, then you are finding yourself managing a massive amount of transactional and record management data. Our agents are experts in helping with site selection, negotiation and succesful acquisitions. We pride ourselves on being able to build strong relationships and provide professional services based on listening to your goals delivering results that exceed your expectations.

We start with a gap analysis of your contractual obiligations to see where risks lay. Whether your portfolio includes telecom sites, industrial locations, or fee properties, we will work to mangage and implement a strategy that best serves your needs. We rely on the knowledge and experience of our leadership team and their specialties in Law, Real Estate, Negotiaions and Real Estate Acquisition practices to best serve your individual and unique needs. Our experts will provide confidence that each leasing choice, in fee acquisition or asset disposition — supports our client's vision and goals, while always promoting strong fiscal stewardship of our client's resources.

We leverage years of industry experience to our clients advantage.

We’re ready to assist you with:

  • Acquisitions, Dispositions, Leasing
  • Lease restructuring and audits
  • Leveraging A.I. to digitally extract data from all of your real estate contracts
  • Market & Demographic Analysis
  • Record Management and Project Management
  • Subleasing analysis and management