Public Works Right-of-Way Services

Gray Hawk Land Solutions helps to manage or acquire public right-of-way. This includes areas or land owned or controlled by the city for the purposes of constructing, operating, and maintaining public facilities. The right-of-way assistance we provide encompasses streets, alleys, sidewalks, bike paths, and other pathways for more accessible transportation, utilities, and other public infrastructure. Gray Hawk Land Solutions right-of-way services manages most activities associated with public development and use of a city's right-of-way.

Gray Hawk Land Solutions works with a city’s right-of-way office who is responsible for determining the required improvements and reviewing plans for regulatory compliance in the areas of transportation, survey, and right-of-way management. Gray Hawk Land Solutions also works to acquire inspection and permits for construction of private and public development projects in conjunction with the use of a city’s right-of-way.