Gray Hawk Land Solutions has played an important role to our clients by providing specialized field services to pipeline and mid-stream companies across the United States. Our principal’s and management teams have successfully negotiated the rights-of-way for major pipeline & mid-stream projects throughout the continental United States.

The cumulative amount of our experience paired with our expansive industry knowledge is what empowers us to deliver projects on time and on budget. By implementing our hands-on management approach, this allows Gray Hawk Land Solutions to ensure each pipeline project’s unique requirements are satisfied and that our clients receive superior professional project support.

Gray Hawk Land Solutions' managing partners have years of experience managing the acquisition of cross-country pipelines, pipeline gathering systems, metering stations, cathodic protection sites, valve sites, compressor stations, tank farms, telecommunication facilities, and pipeline removal projects.

For pipeline industry projects, Gray Hawk Land Solutions offers the following professional services:


The pre-acquisition phase is the foundation to a successful project. Gray Hawk Land Solutions works closely with client selected survey groups, prepares limited title certificates, and paves a smooth way for the whole process to be successful. Since the pre-acquisition stage is normally the first contact with the landowner, Gray Hawk Land Solutions strategically places agents that historically work best with the landowners in the specific location of the project. Creating a positive relationship with all shareholders is the foundation to your project’s success. We take the time upfront to ensure this happens by providing quality training to all our acquisition agents.


  • Abstract/title search
  • Due diligence
  • Feasibility and routing studies
  • Non-Environmental Permitting
  • Survey permitting


For every acquisition project, Gray Hawk Land Solutions’ goal is to negotiate in good faith by being honest and upfront with shareholders and by communicating clearly in regard to the project’s scope, objective and how the project will impact each shareholder. All communications between our agents are documented on a daily basis inside of the geoAMPS platform and are available to our clients in real time for their review.


  • Amended easements
  • Document preparation
  • Easement delineation
  • Negotiations and acquisition
  • Options to purchase easements
  • Supplemental easements


During the construction phase, Gray Hawk Land Solutions becomes the liaison between our client and the shareholders allowing for clear dialogue that often leads to preferred solutions instead of contentious litigation. Gray Hawk Land Solutions’ acquisition agents are trained to assess damages, resolve problems and work through shareholder’s concerns to help the construction crews meet their scheduled milestone dates.


  • Condemnation support
  • Construction support
  • Damage claim settlement
  • Project management
  • Reporting & Uploading field pictures to the geoAMPS platform


Gray Hawk Land Solutions has a very experienced management team that is familiar with the right-of-way processes necessary to manage large, multi-state projects successfully. Our management team has a long & successful history of working within the constraints of our client’s budgets, burn rates, and project schedules.


  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Overseeing and supervising
  • Projecting
  • Reporting
  • Staffing