Linear Projects

Roads and highways are frequent users of linear rights-of-way. For this reason, Departments of Transportation often insist that you prove or provide your prior rights inside the scope of a new project. In some states, by having prior rights inside the linear right-of-way, the local Department of Transportation responsible for buidling the new project will be obligated to pay for the relocation of any and all assets that interfere with their new plans. In the reverse, should you not possess prior rights, you may have to be prepared to pay all of the associated fiscal responsibilites tied to relocating your asset to a new location.

Public or Private entities that find themselves in this situation may recognize a lack of expertise in this niche field and therefore find the need to hire competent consultative support for their endeavors. When such a need arises, please reach out to us at Gray Hawk Land Solutions so that we may provide you with accurate and professioal insights into the property rights you already have. Let our experienced lawyers and right-of-way professionals protect your interests and potentially save you significat resources.

Gray Hawk will provide you with a professsional & robust report outlining your case to the appropriate Department of Transportation. The final report will consist of a legal brief outlaying the rights you own with all of the pertinent supporting documentation. Our GIS deparment will create and provide all relevant maps needed to show your right-of-way in a geospacial format allowing the reviewer to visually understand the situation.