Land Management Systems

We are a trusted Pandell partner and as such we are thrilled to be able to offer Pandell's Project Management and Land Management solutions. Pandell Projects is land acquisition software that facilitates real-time right-of-way project workflow and communication. Pandell LandWorks is land management software with GIS mapping tools for upstream, midstream, renewable, utility, and mining industries.

The Pandell LandWorks solution allows companies to manage right-of-way projects and land assets in a real-time.


An average 35% increase in efficiency. Our real-time tracking environment enables collaboration, time savings and error reduction across projects.


With help of project management elements, you can streamline your processes.


Configuration & customization
24/7 Email & Phone Support
Certification available
Paperless Environment
Don't have to carry papers, go green

Error Reduction

Minimal chances of you making errors.


You can be up and running with our software in as little as two weeks and in full production within one month.