Artificial Intelligence

Tired of processing and sifting through all the data that your business record accumulate? Want to make the best out of these huge sets of information?

Through Gray Hawk’s data extraction, machine learning, and artificial intelligence services - you can turn physical records into digital data and distributed datasets into cohesive reports.

Advanced Optical Character Recognition

Have a thorough understanding of your business documents and data with the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

Since humans have to manually read and understand characters and words page by page, the process naturally bogs down. There are only so many working hours in a day, after all. In an environment where quick processing of information is required to maximize productivity and profitability, the delays can become a headache.

With advanced OCR technology, your whole team can shed the burden of manual data extraction, sorting, and processing. This process involves high-level AI and computing power to mechanically and automatically organize all sorts of data.

Whether the information is stored in files, spreadsheets, information systems, or repositories - intelligent document processing can be achieved.

Automate Data Extraction
Using Artificial Intelligence

  • Better organization and curation
  • Content tagging and named entities
  • Convenient data streams to workflows
  • Easy creation of data models
  • Quick scanning of images and formatting
  • Smart page identification and document classification
  • Smooth file and information sorting
  • Software application integrations
  • And so much more

As our valued customer, you can easily extract lease data, lessor and lessee information, dates, terms, acreage and legal descriptions, contract details, special provisions, and other important recorded information.

Go through surface contracts, easements and right-of-way agreements to find the needed data to make intelligent business decisions. You can even extract calls to GIS Maps and process AFE and JIB Extractions.

Get the details like never before and make better decisions. Push your business’ data extraction and sorting capabilities to new limits through artificial intelligence. Piles of data sheets and files, whether physical or digital, won’t be a headache anymore.

To know more about our data extraction and artificial intelligence solutions, send us an email atinfo@grayhawkland.comor reach us via this number:303.223.1665