Defining organizational agility

Agility in the case of Gray Hawk Land Solutions is the ability of our organization to, adapt, decide quickly, and succeed in a rapidly changing, contentious, & currently turbulent energy environment. Agility is not the opposite of stability—it is quite the contrary. Agility requires stability from Gray Hawk Land Solutions to remain a consistent partner to our clients. Agility needs two things. One is professional capability, which allows us to move fast—make decisions with speed, acurateness & responsiveness. Agility also requires stability, at Gray Hawk Land Solutions we provide a stable foundation—a guiding vision—of things that will never change. It’s this resolute belief in our founding principles that becomes a lauching pad for our company, it provides the anchor point that doesn’t change while a whole bunch of other things are changing constantly.

In small business, stability is typically embodied in the founders & principals of the firm.

The opposite of frail is something that gets stronger when you exert force or stress on it. In today’s environment—with enormous changes coming from both inside and outside of the energy industry—that’s what we think Gray Hawk Land Solutions is. That’s what we call agile: when you thrive on change and get stronger and it becomes a source of real competitive advantage.